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HEMI Crate Engines

Hemituner Performance carries both stock Mopar engines and custom stroked out HEMI crate engines. Each comes as a full engine from the intake to the oil pan. All of the accessories like valve covers, front cover, throttle body, etc. are included. This is ideal for a resto mod project where you don’t already have the accessories to swap over.

Our Mopar motors include the VVT eagle 5.7L, the 6.4L 392 apache, and the supercharged 6.2L hellcat. Custom tuning solution are available for each courtesy of a Holley dominator system which can be added at the time you order.

As mentioned above, Hemituner Performance also carries a line of custom built stroker motors. These start with a completely forged rotating assembly; a Molnar 4340 crankshaft, Molnar 4340 connecting rods, and 2618 CP-Carrillo pistons. Both the head and main bolts are upgraded to studs, adding the extra security needed for extreme stress environments such as high boost forced induction applications. A Comp cam is chosen specifically for your applications needs. The heads are ported, and resprung by Thitek performance, our industries premier company for HEMI head technology. Couple all of these top shelf components with 30+ years of engine building experience and you have a truly unique and reliable, high performance motor.