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426 HEMI Crate Engines

Hemituner Performance offers 426 HEMI Crate Engines based on either a 6.1L or 6.4L block. While the 6.4L based crate engine is only slightly honed with an increased stroke the 6.1L block will be bored and honed. All of the factory internals are removed and the oilers are plugged. The new internals include a Molnar forged crankshaft and connecting rods, CP-Carrillo or diamond pistons, steel top rings, King rod and main bearings. The top end features a high lift comp cam, ported heads, and a ported intake on the 6.1L crate engines. These 426 Crate engines are capable of withstanding 12+ psi of boost from a supercharger or turbocharger and are the engines we recommend for forced induction applications.  

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Hemituner Hellcat Based 426 HEMI Stroker Crate Engine
Hemituner Hellcat Based 426 HEMI Stroker Crate Engine
HEMITUNER 7.0L 426 HEMI Crate EngineThe 6.2L, 378 CID to 426 CID HEMI crate engines are completely forged, and fully capable of handling... 
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