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Rick’s 2015 Shaker RT Hellcat Shortblock Conversion Supercharged Challenger

Shaker Hood Popped Under Sign

Rick came back to us looking to do some other performance upgrades the biggest of which was a conversion to a Hellcat Short Block. He also added some extra go fast parts that include a 2300 Magnuson Supercharger, an ATI 17% Overdrive Damper, a Forced Induction Camshaft, and A2Speed In-House Custom Chassis Dyno & Tuning as well as lots of other upgrades!This fine automobile ended up cranking out 700+RWHP; Needless to say Rick is in love with his performance upgrades!

Rick's HEMI Performance Upgrades

  • 6.2L HellCat Short Block
  • A2Speed In-House Custom Chassis Dyno & Tuning
  • Magnuson 2300 6.2L HEMI Supercharger
  • Forced Induction Camshaft
  • PSI 1511 Valve Spring Kit
  • 72LB Fuel Injectors
  • ATI 17% Overdrive Damper
  • API Drop-In Fuel Pump
  • DDS 4in" Aluminum Driveshaft
  • DDS 1400HP Axles
  • 180 Degree Thermostat
  • Stoptech Big Brake Kit
  • A2Speed's 85MM Billet Throttle Body
  • Mopar Big Gas Heads